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Find the BEST YouTube Video Description Writing with us!
YouTube description maker – Vitality and more…
How do we help you with our YouTube video description writing expertise?
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Find the BEST YouTube Video Description Writing with us!

Have you been asking your smartphone assistant;

“Find me the best YouTube video description writing services near me?”


“Where can I avail good YouTube title and tags for mu business?”

If yes, then you have clicked on the right tab on the Google search engine! For, we, the team of Das Writing Services Pvt.Ltd., are here to write industry-leading video descriptions for your YouTube marketing channel.


  1. It is the 2nd biggest search engine and the 3rd most visited website right after FB and Google.
  2. Every minute about 400 hours of video gets uploaded.
  3. 70% of views come from smartphones.
  4. Standard viewing session from mobile lasts about 40 minutes or more.

Do you see how very much its essentiality is right now especially if you want to be a maestro of the digital world in your niche?

Penning down engaging YouTube tags, titles and descriptions is, therefore, an imperative in your marketing checklist.

YouTube description maker – Vitality and more…

Apart from your tags and titles you YouTube video description writing need to be spiffing!


Your brand video needs to be explained in a manner so that the context gets translated in an effortless mode. In other words, you need a thoroughly optimized description which shall help your rankings to get boosted in the YouTube channel search.

If you must know, then the platform itself suggests that you post optimized descriptions.

To save you from this entire trouble where you spend enduring hours to formulate the RIGHT description, our team is here! Our content marketing agency houses a troupe of expert writers who are proficient at curating such narratives which will inevitably boost your views, subscription numbers and likes.

How do we help you with our YouTube video description writing expertise?

We start strong:

Did you know that the first 100 to 150 characters of a brand’s channel description is highly important?

The reason is, YouTube portrays this 100 to 150 snippet text in search results. Moreover, this is the primary part of the narrative which your target group shall read. Therefore, we make it a point that we communicate your positioning straight off the bat in the first instance.

We keep your viewers in mind!

Often the description gets a bit narcissistic. This you DO NOT want, trust us.

The narrative has to be what your viewers shall benefit from your brand. Otherwise, why would they keep on being a consistent viewer? In this case, we help you generate content which makes sense for your viewer’s benefits. Starting from the YouTube title and tags, the entire storyline has to resonate with them.

Integrating keywords:

This particular platform utilises a number of different ranking factors that help your videos and channel to stay at the top of the search engine. However, unlike other platforms, YouTube emphasizes a lot upon the Channel Descriptions.

You need to think in terms of what your target audience shall type or voice out (as this is the age of voice search optimization) to find your channel. We comprise of an adroit team of SEO content writers who know which keyword fits the best for your brand and thus create the narrative construed with apt phrases that are even voice optimized!

CTA input:

What’s the use of a brand narrative that does not have a Call to Action tone? If you do not end your description with a clear-cut CTA, then your viewers will not feel the urge to subscribe which ultimately is the whole point of going through the drill. Our YouTube description maker services include CTA integration for we know how essential it is.

Give your brand channel a new EDGE…

The last decade has seen a colossal digital boom on YouTube, FB, Twitter and now, Instagram.  Being ahead of the game entails you to invest aggressively in all these marketing channels.

To keep your branding high and way ahead than your competitors, Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd., a leading content marketing hub is here to carve the best YouTube video description writing.

Wait no more!

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